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This is Me…

Let’s be clear, right from the outset… I don’t know anything.  I know even less about being a Dad.  I guess that’s why I decided to start capturing some of these lessons; I know I’m not the only one out there trying to bumble along and figure out this new life as I go. I’m just a Dad tryin’… hard!

How I got here…

Three years ago I was a struggling bachelor, moderately successful in work and life, yet still digging myself out from under the mistakes of a misspent early adulthood.  ‘Adulthood’ might be a stretch, but I was certainly done school, had been working in and around the real world doing what I love, and getting closer to figuring out who I was and where I wanted to be that man.  I had traveled around the country – steps of the journey I’m sure I’ll share as we get to know each other – and had just returned to Ontario to make Toronto my new home.  This isn’t a narcissistic record of my trials and tribulations pre-2014. Instead I’m just here to share some of the Dad pieces… the things I have learned and am learning since I went from bachelorhood to a family man with 2 hilarious step-kids, a beautiful new baby, and a partner that (and I still haven’t figured out why) puts up with me just enough to keep me growing as a man and a Dad.

Who I am…

I’m in my late thirties, have managed to get an MBA and work as a management consultant and leadership development coach for the past decade or so, and spent about 17 years in a uniform as a Reserve Officer (part-time) in the Canadian Army. I’ve played the drums since I was 12 (with most of it in Pipe and Drums bands around the country), skied and snowboarded for years, spent more time outside paddling, biking, hiking and camping than I probably should have, and traveled the world a wee bit.  None of it was done expertly. I’m your quintessential Jack of all trades, Master of none.

I like to cook (again, not that good at it), and am using that to get this dad-bod a little closer to what it should be. I’m struggling to make time for the gym and physical activity, but I’m getting there. I love spending time with the family, and am trying to figure out how to keep things fun and interesting, for them and me! I’m hoping that, as I figure these things out I can share them with you.

Where we’re heading…

Dads, Moms, siblings… I’m just hoping that some of my learnin’ will make it across the interwebs and into your home. Hivebrain can be a great things if we let it work for us.  Let me know what you’re trying to figure out, anything you’ve learned, and how the site is shaping up as we grow together.  Kind of a FUBU thing… for us by us.

Thanks for reading!


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