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This is Us…

No, not that ‘us’. This is the us that made this blog a necessity. My family.  Since this whole site is new and I’m not sure what kinda toons might find their way to our discussions, I thought I’d protect the innocent for a while. (Note to self, create future post on social media and the impact of celebrating family online!)

Who they are…

This is my new crew.  In the last few years I have made the (not so) smooth transition from selfish, single man to struggling, (step)father!  As a child of divorce I never really envisioned myself joining into a clan that already had some miles under their bus.  When I met my partner and, soon after, her two amazing kids, I was amazed at how natural, comfortable and.. well… ‘right’ it felt. For now we’ll call them Guy – a 14 year old, Gal – a 12 year old, and Mom – not a chance I’m putting that number out there. Add into the mix our new little one, Baby – 5 months, a beautiful 7 year old Mini-Aussie Shepherd, a free-spirited cat of indeterminate age, our respective (and oh so entertaining) sets of in-laws, and that’s really the basis of what will one day be my great novel. We have three last names in the house (so far), so WWF is the closest thing we get to a shared identity… fitting!

How we do…

It’s certainly not easy.  Each of us brings our own challenges to the relationships.  From medical and emotional challenges, to being teenagers, to dealing with a learning Step-dad, a new baby, and two working parents, things can get messy.  I’m amazed, the more I talk to other parents and families, just how our brand of crazy is the same as everyone else’s!  What feels like bedlam on the regular is actually just life and living.  Our family and all of its extensions have unique relationships and things that seems odd to ‘outsiders’, but they work for us.  We balance our time between the city and a chalet north of Toronto, and we try and keep as busy and as together as we can… not always easy.

What they teach me…

… besides everything. I have learned more about myself, what I value, and what makes me happy since this (growing) group got together then I ever thought possible.  I’m still learning, every day, and I know they’ll always keep me on my toes.  To suddenly realize people depend on you at home, and that your actions have consequences worse then a drained bank account and a hangover is really something.  To know that your word choice can carry so much weight and that your moods come second to keeping the family happy is really something else! The other day I spent an hour walking, crawling, laying and dancing around the house singing every children’s song and retro TV show theme I knew just to give Mom a few minutes to finish some work and catch some peace.  I’m not getting it all right, that’s for sure, but it’s amazing what you realize is important when you listen… and try.

This is us…

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