For Dads, by a Dad… with lots of help!

cropped-cropped-cdndaddylogo_main.pngFirstly, this is not ‘my’ site.  While I get to write the more original content, I’m only as good as the people and the network around me.  This site is intended to be a battle ground for those participating in the Modern Dad Revolution.

CdnDaddy.ca is the home of this revolution and a place where we all come together, share, and support one another as we take this journey.

It’s about parenting, DIY, cooking, products, and leadership – from a Dad’s perspective. There’s no such thing as a traditional Dad story anymore; we need to change it up, and mix up where we find help!

So please, read, comment and follow on whatever platform you dug us up on.  Check out our contact page if you need to reach me.  No topic or advice is off the table, just as long as it helps you, me, and at least one other person.  Thanks for being a part of the Modern Dad Revolution!

Matt, the desperate (for help) voice behind CdnDaddy.ca


CdnDaddy.ca is me, a 30 something year old Step-Dad of two, new Daddy of one, and partner to an amazing woman.  I’m proudly Canadian, a Leadership Development Consultant and Coach in my free time, and I love being outside more than in a boardroom.

I have more questions than answers, more mistakes than wins, and more life left to live than I’ve experienced so far.  I live to learn, and am learning to live more everyday, thanks to this crazy life of family and parenting.

I’m a just a Dad trying to get through this thing called parenthood.  Lifestyle, cooking, playing and planning; nothing is off the table for this blog!  Don’t make all the same mistakes I have… or do, and then share it here on CdnDaddy.ca as we move together through the Modern Daddy Revolution!

If you’re interested in working with Matt or CdnDaddy.ca head over to the work connections page.

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