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It’s hard out here for a Pop.

With so many programs, plans, products and publications out there, I’ve always found it challenging to make the right choices.  Add in a family and the responsibility for human lives, and it gets a little trickier still! Over the years I’ve tried a lot of what’s around and am always happy to share with my wins and not-so-wins with anyone that will listen.

I love to take on new projects and share with new audiences, either through speaking, contributing to publications, or testing out new gear and products. Without putting on the cape, I feel like I have a responsibility to get the latest and greatest out there in the world.

If you’re interested in working with as a guest author, would like to submit a product for review, or have any  questions or comments, please drop me a note at or fill in the Contact Form below.  You can also comment directly on posts anywhere here on the site… I’ll find it!

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